About Donations

We are collecting donations to maintain our activities.


Bank Accounts

Bank : Mitsui Sumitomo (三井住友銀行) (0009)
Branch Office : Mitadori-shiten (三田通支店) (623)
Account Number : 8251818
Account Name : Project YUI Consortium


Bank : Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ (三菱東京UFJ銀行) (0009)
Branch Office : Tamachi-shiten (田町支店) (043)
Account Number : 0206769
Account Name : Project YUI Consortium  Nagao Akira


Post Office Bank Account

Account Number : 00160-1-318868
Account Name : Project Yui Consortium


Credit Card

You can donate by using a credit card via “GMO Payment Gateway (GMOペイメントゲートウェイ)” or the “JustGiving Japan” website.


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